This course is a journey back to your truth.



A crash course on everything you need to know to start safely and confidently practicing kundalini yoga so you can get the most out of this transformative practice. 




A crash course on everything you need to know to start safely and confidently practicing kundalini yoga so you can get the most out of this transformative practice. 


Kundalini Yoga can be confusing AF...

Have you ever walked out of a kundalini yoga class and felt amazing but thought what the heck was that? In Kundalini Yoga there’s alotttttt happening at once.

Arms up. Thumbs out. Close your mouth. Roll eyes up and in towards the third eye. Mentally repeat a mantra as you breathe. Engage low belly, rectum, sex organs. Visualize the energy moving up your spine. 

Ohh and don't forget to breath as if you’re panting like a dog.

Get all that? Do you actually know the purpose of what you're doing and can you simply do it all together? 

This practice has many layers and unfortunately, a normal class isn’t designed to break down all the fundamentals or make any corrections to your technique or alignment.

You probably practiced many different styles of yoga on your path.

You can effortlessly jump in and adapt to any type of class. Vinyasa. Hot. Slow Flow. Yin. 

But Kundalini Yoga? Same rules don’t apply. Which is maybe why you haven’t explored it more. 

The Kundalini system goes by its own rule book and when you witness students setting up for class wearing all white with a fluffy rug it may seem intriguing or make you want to run for the exit. 

You're not alone..

These thoughts have probably crossed your mind.

  • What really is Kundalini Energy?

  • Where does this even practice come from?

  •  Why am I moving my body in these peculiar ways?

  • What's all this hype about some kundalini awakening?
  • What are they even saying this other mantras?
  • And what’s up with that aggressive breathing… sounds like they’re about to hyperventilate….

I get it, I had all those questions too... 

I spent 5 years sporadically showing up to kundalini yoga classes.

TBH out of all of that time I didn't have a clear answer for any of questions, nor did I have the core fundamentals, or a strong foundation to begin my own self practice.

Unfortunately it was not until I invested $4000 and 200 hours into taking a Kundalini yoga teacher training did I get it all straightened out. 

Once I finally had the foundations, I started practicing regularly.  

The first 2 years of  Kundalini Yoga sparked more transformation than the previous 10 years of practicing other yoga styles. 

My body started to change and I felt much more present. All tension and chronic pain that I had suffered through my entire life started to fade. I was able to feel my body and my energetic field more than I ever knew possible. I could look at people and situations with greater awareness which led me to make clear decisions. All of a sudden certain toxic behaviors just stopped showing up.

The impact this practice made on my life was the most potent healing I had ever experienced. 

That's why I want to share it with you

Imagine how it would feel to...

  • Be more connected to your intuition than ever before. 
  • Have more energy and vivaciousness as you move through your daily life. 
  • Experience a higher level of clarity and purity in your mind-body system.
  • Cleanse the built-up residue of past conditioning and patterning. 
  • Expand your body’s sensory abilities to naturally experience more pleasure, awareness, and insight. 
  • Have a “recipe book” of healing practices to work through exactly what you are needing. 

Kundalini Yoga Course

A fast and easy to follow course on everything you need to know to start safely and confidently start practicing kundalini yoga. 

Use these foundations to begin your own practice or integrating these tools and teachings with your other mind body practices.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn: 

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

This module will take the history and foundations of these ancient teachings and make them more accessible for the modern yogi. 

Anatomy of the Energetics 

Talking about Energy doesn't have to seem so mysterious or cryptic. You will learn how to start expanding and working with your own energetic body. anddd after this you will be able to 100% explain to a friend what kundalini energy actually is.

Break Down of The Fundamentals

We will get super intentional and take a kundalini class layer by layer. Each fundamental technique, alignment, and practicality will be taught with precision so you will begin practicing with safety and confidence.

Toolbox of Meditations, Pranyamas, and Mantras

Think of it more like a treasure chest that contains tutorials for over 15 of the most powerful kundalini practices. You can practice these alone or integrate them in conjunction with your other spiritual practices. 

Choice from 5 Different Paths to Begin a Daily Practice

True transformation comes with dedication to a practice. You will be taught 5 different routes for daily practice all with different time commitments so you can choose what will work best for your lifestyle.

And that's not all...

The Kundalini Yoga Course Bonuses:

Resource Guide for Spiritual Tools

Now that you're a Kundalini yogi let’s get the accessories and tools to match and enhance your practice. 

Playlist of Kundalini Music

Whether you're in the mood to dance around your room or meditate with the mantras these 2 curated playlists will connect you to a higher vibration. 

Reading List for Kundalini Books

When you’re ready for more growth this reading list will put you in the right direction. 

Mantra Cards

Whether you're in the mood to dance around your room or meditate with the mantras these 2 curated playlist will connect you to a higher vibration.

Kundalini Yoga Course


Top features

  • Instant access to all of course modules 

  • Break down of the fundamentals

  • Toolbox of meditations, pranayamas, and mantras

  • 5 options to start a daily practice 



Kundalini Yoga Course + Private Class | 60 min


Most Popular

These are some ideas on how we can tailor the session:

  • Create a customize daily practice
  • Examine alignment, posture, pronunciation, etc. 
  • Tips for Kundalini Energy  management or activation
  • Personalized support anything that comes up for you during the course

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel fully confident that you have the tools and understanding to begin a personal kundalini practice, you will receive your money back and a free private 1 hour Kundalini class for support.


Hi there, I am Colleen. 

My first 550 hours of yoga education were in a traditional lineage and took me on pilgrimages all over the world. 

When I moved to Bali I knew it was time to give some space to that era because although I couldn't place my finger on what it was, there was something more I was craving and not getting from those practices.

Synchronically the day I truly accepted that my soul was yearning for something more was the same day I met my first kundalini teacher.

The first year after the training was a lot of trial and error of figuring out how to work with kundalini energy. I made a ton of mistakes and had trouble finding resources or people for support.

Although in that first year of practice, I had more change happen in my mind body system than I did in all my other years of yoga combined.

So that is why I created this course. To give you a bite-size training of everything you need to get started on your own journey. 

My prayer is for these teachings to lead you back home to your bright, beautiful, and true self.


You've Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Neus Aum

I did the kundalini course with Colleen and I can’t recommend it enough.
I’ve learned a lot about the energy body, how to tap into it and a lot of techniques. The more I do her practices, the more I can feel my energy increasing. Not only that, but I feel a lot more confident, focused and clear minded. Also, she’s a genuine woman, I love her voice, the way she explains things, how she demonstrates them and how she guides you into the practice. I am really happy I took this decision because it completely changed the path of my yoga practice and my personal life.

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