A Short Kundalini Yoga Practice - Perfect for Beginners

Jul 07, 2022


This is a short Kundalini yoga practice that will only take about 15 minutes and can completely change your current state. You will be doing 4 different movements or breathing exercises in this set that will take 2 - 4 mins each. This is a simple kundalini yoga practice that you can do from almost anywhere.


First Exercise: Downward Facing Dog to Upward Facing Dog (2 mins) 

In this exercise you will be continually moving between a downward facing dog position and an upward facing dog position. 


For alignment start in a plank position with the wrist under the shoulders 


  1. Press up to a Downward Facing Dog 
    1. Finger spread wide onto the mat 
    2. Bringing the heart towards the thighs 
    3. Slight bend in the knees if needed
    4. Allow the neck to be loose 


  1. Move into Upward Facing Dog
    1. Chest is open 
    2. Chin parallel with the ground 
    3. Toes still engaged, flexed, tucked under
    4. Hips slightly off the ground 


Move between these 2 postures for 2 minutes. 


Second Exercise: Sufi Grind (3 mins)

In this exercise you will be seated moving the torso in a circle with synchronized breath. 


  1. Come to a comfortable easy seat 
  2. Place hands onto the knees
  3. Inhale spiral the torso forward 
  4. Exhale spiraling the torso back 
  5. Relax the body as you move
  6. Close eyes to make it more of an inward experience 


After 90 seconds swap directions. 


Third Exercise: Spinal Flex to Increase Breath Capacity 


In this exercise you will be inhaling, holding your breath in while flexing the spine back and forth. When you need to exhale come back to the straight spine exhale, then inhale again, hold the breath and return to spinal flexing. 


  1. Start in an easy seat 
  2. Straighten the spine 
  3. Place hands onto the knees 


To begin: Inhale & then hold your breath in flex your spine in either direction 


  1. Chest presses forwards 
  2. Head press back 
  3. Chin comes up 


  1. Curl the chin in towards the chest 
  2. Caving the back completely 


When you NEED to exhale. 

Come to a straight spine 


Inhale again. 

Holding the breath inside flex the spine again. 

Fourth Exercise: Alternate Nostril Breathing (4 mins)


In this exercise you will be using the fingers to close a nostril while inhaling or exhaling through the other. You will find a continual rhythmic pattern moving between. 


  1. Come to sit in an easy seat 
  2. Maintain a straight spine 
  3. Keep the left hand on the knee 
  4. Right-hand goes into Vishnu Mudra - index finger + middle finger down towards the palm 


Take one normal breath before starting. 


To begin with the exercise (begin on left side + end of left side)


  1. Bring the thumb to close the right nostril - inhale through the left 
  2. Switch ringer finger closes left nostril - exhaling through the right 
  3. Keep hands in position and inhale through the right nostril 
  4. Switch hands and exhale through the left 

Closing: Long Sat, Short Nam 



Check out this fast easy to follow course on everything you need to know to start practicing Kundalini Yoga. 

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