How to Get Started with Kundalini Yoga

Apr 25, 2022


How to Get Started with Kundalini Yoga 


So you’re thinking about starting Kundalini Yoga? Buckle up for one of the best rides of your life. 

But before you start along this journey here’s a little instruction manual on how to get started with Kundalini Yoga. I hope this is supportive to you and if you have any more questions feel free to reach out. 


Common Western Yoga vs Kundalini Yoga 


First, let’s start with talking through exactly what Kundalini Yoga is and how it compares to other yogas you may be used to. Many yoga styles especially in the Western World are focused on physicality. Using movement and sometimes breath to improve flexibility, strength, or balance. Whereas Kundalini Yoga uses breath, movement, mudra, mantra, and meditation to move energy in the body and reprogram the subconscious mind. The wholesome system quickly transforms the mind-body system and you are likely to experience more clarity, insight, and increased sensitivity during a practice.  


How to Prepare 


Before turning up to your first Kundalini Yoga class there are a few things I recommend. 


  1. Do not eat any heavy foods 4 - 5 hours before. Energy does not flow as efficiently with heavy food in the body and some of the breathing techniques can be uncomfortable with lots of undigested food in the belly.  
  2. Come with a clean body. Show up as your best self. I recommend taking a rinse and even maybe smudging yourself up before coming. 
  3. Have a clear intention ready. There will be difficult parts of your first practice and when you are experiencing these it can be helpful to have that intention in your back pocket to remind yourself why you showed up and decided to do this in the first place. 


What to Expect During the Session 


In a class, you will begin to move the body in new ways while sending breath and energy through it. This is working to break up the patterning of the body and purify the mind-body system. As a result, emotions may surface, stories you haven’t thought of in years may revisit, or you may have more intuitive clarity on current situations that you previously felt confused about. 

Each session will bring a subtly different result based on your current stage, the practice being taught, and what the body is ready to let go of. 

When we start to make big changes in ourselves the subconscious mind will try to keep us safe by turning up the volume on the mental chatter and resistance. When you start to recognize this during class, you may start to realize these things coming are common thoughts patterns that show up in many other areas of your life too. 


Here’s What You Should Do After Class 


If this is your first time practicing you are in for a treat. The post-Kundalini Yoga glow is unlike anything else. You leave class feeling like a much more pure, light, and clear version of yourself. 

It is important to really feel grounded and fully in your body before returning out into the busy external world again. Spending some time with your feet on the Earth or maybe having some water or a light snack can be helpful to integrate the practice and bring you back. 

Do not have anything strenuous planned after! Give yourself some soft downtime after class. 

My personal recommendation is to be really mindful of what you put in and around your mind and body after. You are more open and sensitive. Therefore you may be more affected by what you're seeing on social media, the environments you chose to be in, the foods you’re eating, etc.


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