What Does Kundalini Energy Feel Like?

Jun 07, 2022


Kundalini Energy is an untapped creative power that sits at the base of the spine. Although every human carries this energy only a small percentage of the population learns to activate it and work with it. 

If you have found your way to this post either you’re curious or you are starting to experience it. First of all congratulations, you have made it into the minority of people who are riding the kundalini waves to become more awake, truthful, and powerful humans. 

When you begin working with this energy it can be super confusing. And the most common question that will always be spinning through your mind is, “Is this normal?...” In this post, I will guide you through some common examples of what Kundalini Energy feels like and how it may change as it matures through your body. 

I will start by saying Kundalini Energy is going to feel different for everyone because all of our bodies and energies are unique. But there is a range of movements, sensations, and sounds that are more common to experience. 


Symptoms of Energy Moving

When we cry, shake, scream, burp, yawn, cough, sound, and dance we are moving energy out of our bodies. If you are on the path to working with Kundalini Energy I recommend getting really comfortable doing all of these things because the more your energy opens up the quicker and more often you will be able to purge density out of your system these will be the go-to methods for that. 


Beginning Stage of Working with Kundalini Energy  

In the first stages, you may feel pressure in the sacrum or have a gurgle in your stomach. This is when the energy is trying to open and begin its journey up. 

As the energy moves sometimes the spine will start to flip back and forth like seaweed swaying in the ocean except it doesn't feel graceful like that. It can feel much more aggressive and it may be scary for some if they did not know what to expect. 

If laying down on the mat and the Kundalini Energy get activated the body may wobble from side to side. When the Kundalini Energy is targeting one area of the body it could shake, spiral, or bounce that body part back and forth on the ground. This is because it is working to clear the density, trauma, or patterning held there. The movements and sensations may be more jerking and jarring but once many blocks are removed from the body it will not feel as aggressive. 


Intermediate Stage of Working with Kundalini Energy  

The more time you spend with it, you will become more open. As more channels open up, different sensations start to happen. The Kundalini Energy may start to move in a more water-like flow. It may begin moving the hands into mudras, the arms will make flowy serpent movements, and the whole body may go into spiral movements. The sensation can start as very subtle but once you tune into them and surrender the current will start to expand and grow stronger. 


Advanced Stage of Working with Kundalini Energy  

When one becomes advanced with kundalini the physical sensations will start to fade and it will all be an internal experience of bliss and oneness.


Have you had any Kundalini experiences? Share yours in the comments below. 


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