Kundalini Bodywork 

 A modality of energy work that clears emotion and trauma from the body to create space for Kundalini Energy to rise.

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Kundalini Bodywork 

 A modality of energy work that clears emotion and trauma from the body to create space for Kundalini Energy to rise.

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Let's walk through a Kundalini Bodywork Session 

The sessions move through waves blending energy, pressure points, breath, and sound. Each experience is unique depending on the present state of your mind-body system.
In the beginning sessions call for more emotional exfoliation. The latter sessions tend to be more energetic and rooted in pleasure.
This work is a bit more heavy-duty than a Kundalini Activation. In comparison, a Kundalini Bodywork session is a 1:1 supportive therapy-based practice. We will work with intention, breath, and emotional release. Then I will leave you with tools to work with this energy in your everyday life.

These sessions offer a wide range of experiences.

Each session is unique and may include:

  • Deep emotional release
  • Clear intuitive messages and guidance
  • Psychedelic Visuals 
  • Feeling more freedom in your body
  • Enhanced experience of aliveness 
  • Mental clarity and expanded awareness

Luciano Armani

"Colleen did a great job on setting up the space, both for setting and for the choice of music, which is super important for me. As the session developed i felt a lot of energy movement, emotions coming out, and an intense visual trip all through the experience. almost like being on psychedelics!. It felt very personal and intimate. Felt lighter afterwards, with emotions still being integrated a day or two after. She also showed care during and after the session. Definitely recommend!"

 Jess Kamell

"The moment we began the session I could feel myself drop into connection with a unified field. Colleen has a strong ability to transmit and to feel energy.

Her guidance was a pendulation of moving deep into the layers of sensations within my body and offering spaciousness for me to process and ground. This really helped encourage me to be with what was arising while staying within a safe range for my personal capacity.

Her unique blend of kundalini transmission, hands on touch and breath and sound cueing held a beautiful space for my expression.

My intention was to bring in more joy and radiance and afterwards I felt a sense of joy and lightness that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.
This was an incredibly meaningful experience for for me."

 Leah Ehinger 

"Colleen provided a safe and energetically immaculate container to move energy around, receive whatever message/vision I needed to, and to deeply feel emotions that I may not have allowed myself to feel for a long time, if ever. I am grateful for the opportunity to safely explore my inner world and emotional landscape and to have the emotions come up and be relieved energetically.
Emotionally, I was prompted to feel whatever came up. I noticed that my hands were hot and that I was feeling anger. This is a new experience for me as anger is not typically an emotion that I am connected with. I was able to put together the feelings of anger with some of the visions that were associated. I laid witness to the feelings and had them wash over me so I ended the session feeling relief. I made peace with the feelings and thanked them for protecting me. I am grateful for the opportunity to feel them."

Hi there, I'm Colleen 

I offer this work because it has been the most transformational type of therapy I have ever experienced. It has helped me peel off layers and layers of conditioning, self-sabotaging habits, childhood trauma, and negative thought loops. Shedding these layers has allowed me to come back home to my confidence, sensuality, expression, and truth.

My background with Kundalini has many different facets which include Akhanda Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Bodywork, Emotional Release Techniques, and Tantra. Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time in a deep relationship with my own kundalini, body, and emotions and now I am ready to support others in their own awakening.

In addition to my Kundalini Bodywork sessions, I offer an Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Course that gives you all the teachings and tools to get started with Kundalini Yoga. 

Kundalini Yoga Course

Kundalini Bodywork Session


Here's what to expect:

  • 90 mins - 2 hour session
  • Somatic and Kundalini practices to open up the body
  • De-armoring to work with pain points to open up the body
  • Energy work to clear the emotional baggage from the body
  • Immersive soundscapes to induce specific brain wave states making it easier for you to let go  
  • Meditation and Sharing to close
  • Aftercare PDF 
  • Self practice tools to use some of the techniques used in session 
  • 3 day follow up
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